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The bond between horse and owner is like no other. Deeply entrenched into your soul, it never leaves. Having had two horses of my own, I know that feeling very well. My horses have now passed on, but that desire to be around them and derive pleasure and comfort from them has not ceased.


I thank my dad for passing on to me the love of photography and horses. I think that is why I am so passionate about photography. It gives me the opportunity to record history and memories for others who like me, love their horses and wish to have a lasting memory of their days together. Is it time for you to make memories of your own? I would be more than happy to help. I’ll bring the camera.

I am pleased to annonce that Golden Years Photo Sessions are now available.  These sessions are focused on the senior horse, cat and dog and are offered at a special rate.  For more information please contact me.


Memories last a lifetime.  








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For more information regarding photo sessions please feel free to contact me.