Marian Adoranti Photography | M2 Dressage
Anne-Marie Cappelli riding Zoltaire and Gwen Jarrett riding Nemo Tyme, both of M2 Dressage, Watertown, ON. Photos taken at Cornerstone Farm, Palgrave, ON, June 4, 2016.
Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6699Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6700Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6704Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6711Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6716Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6727Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6747Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6753Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6756Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6757Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6759Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6764Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6765Cornerstone Farm 2016-06-04-6776