Marian Adoranti Photography | Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30

The horse world is like a revolving door. People come, people go, but you know eventually your paths will cross again and when they do it will be a wonderful treat. Such is the case with Cheryl MacLeod and her beautiful horse Roosevelt. We were at the same boarding facility on many occasions, but as it goes in the horse world people move on for many different reasons. I'm so happy we have renewed our friendship. These photographs were taken on a beautiful October evening at M2 Dressage where Cheryl is boarding. As you can see Roosevelt is not the only handsome guy in these photos, Finnegan, Cheryl's dog came along for the session as well.
Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1713Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1715Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1716Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1722Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1725Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1727Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1793Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1815Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1791Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1814Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1734Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1731Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1741Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1742Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1786Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1788Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1802Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1787Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1830Cheryl MacLeod 2015-10-30-1835